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Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf revealing Company of Educators Charter











The Letters Patent being revealed by Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf and Master Sir John Stuttard in 2013

Photograph courtesy of Gerald Sharpe Photography

The Worshipful Company of Educators is the 109th Livery Company to be granted this status by the City of London. It was founded in 2001 within the philanthropic tradition of the City of London livery companies. It provides a forum through meetings and social occasions to bring together members from all parts of the education world to discuss and exchange views on matters of topical interest.

The Company also operates a charitable fund to support individuals and projects that develop the process of learning and its management, encouraging and rewarding those individuals through appropriate grants, awards and medals.

In pursuit of these aims, the Company is inclusive in its membership and activities, transcending the traditional boundaries between the different sectors, and particularly between academe and business insofar as the latter concerns itself with education, training, and development. It believes that it is unique in providing this cross-sector forum. Furthermore, "Education" is lifelong learning - from cradle to grave - a dynamic process needing investment of money, time, energy and enthusiasm.



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