Social Events

A small group of Educators on the Master's Weekend visit to Kelmarsh Hall. Photo courtesy of Liveryman Tony Willenbruch

Kelmarsh Hall gardens. Photo courtesy of Liveryman Tony Willenbruch

Master's Weekend, Cambridge 2014; Photo: J. Somerville

The Social Committee organises a range of events throughout the year. The programme usually involves visits to interesting and educational venues and the committee also organises The Master's Weekend. They provide informal opportunities to get to know fellow members. Spaces are sometimes limited and if that is the case then a ballot us used to select participants.

Note that for 2017-18 the committee are running events at different times and days of the week to try and appeal to a wider audience of members. For instance the first event of the season is on a Sunday and other events may be in the evening.

In addition for Masters year 2017-18 the annual Masters weekend has been replaced by three events outside of London - Friday evening to comprise an informal gathering and meal followed by organised events on Saturday. Focus to be on members living in those areas but others welcome.

Please go here to find details of all events including social