New Member Resources

Prof Thomas James, clothed in his black gown, being welcomed as a Freeman of the Company

Learning about the City

City and Livery is a web site that introduces you to the City and it's ancient connection to the Livery. The site is useful, as is the book mentioned "The City of London Freemans Guide". Copies can be obtained from the Clerk or online from Amazon where it can be downloaded as an e-book. This is an invaluable resource to give you context and a wider view of where the Company sits in the Livery.

Declaration Ceremony 

In order to become a Freeman you will need to formally declare your intention. Ceremonies usually precede the four Statutory events per year. Guests are welcome on such an occasion. If you cannot attend, there will be other Ceremonies during the year, but the Court expects that Declarations will be made within a year of your application being approved by the Court. The fifty word biography included with your application form will be used to introduce you at the Ceremony. You are required to wear a plain black academic gown on this occasion so you may be clothed as a Freeman. This gown should also be worn at future Statutory events - The Installation Dinner, the Annual Service and Dinner, the City Celebration Dinner and Election and Awards Dinner, . Gown suppliers are given below..

Gown suppliers

All Freemen and Liverymen are expected to wear a plain black academic gown at statutory events, however they are not required for social or education events. We don't have a preferred supplier but the following three have been used by Liverymen and Freeman and they are a good starting point.

Ryder & Amies

Graduation Attire

Ashington Ceremonial Gowns

City Briefings 

These are aimed particularly at new Liverymen and Freemen; partners are also welcome, as are Court Assistants and Liverymen of longer standing, who have not previously been to a Briefing, who are also encouraged to attend. Click here for dates and more details.

Freedom of the City of London

In order to become a Liveryman with the Company of Educators, Freemen must become the Free of the City of London. To gain Freedom of the City of London you need to make an appointment with the Chamberlain’s Court via email or call on 020 7332 3055. 

At this time you will need to produce (1) Your Freedom of the Educators certificate (2) Identity documents (they will tell you what they need). They currently charge £100 and you will probably be required to pay this at this time. If they are satisfied then you make another appointment for the formal ceremony which takes about half an hour and you will receive a certificate at this time. You may also purchase other items that indicate you are Free of the City of London. You can take along family and friends.

City Activities

As a Freeman of a Livery Company you are also eligible to join any number of City organisations, including Ward Clubs, and attend City events. Please take a look at our Livery tradition page for more information.